Shutdown would put UDC semester in jeopardy

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When local news yesterday started to tick down a list of DC personnel who would not be working yesterday, the obvious came up: DPW won’t have trash pickup, nor will their parking enforcers be operating, DDOT’s pothole crews will stop, all staff blackberries will stop operating.

The one I hadn’t considered was the University of the District of Columbia.  With over 5,000 students, the shutdown of the University may put graduation in jeopardy for many, if the shutdown drags on for any significant length of time.  If the semester is never completed, that may leave many students forced to pay for an additional semester in order to graduate, and in the case of visa students, may have more complications.

The University began its online registration process for this Fall’s semester, which continues through the end of the month. It’s not clear if this system will be available in the event of the shutdown, but the advisement period for current students would definitely not be. Finals for the University begin in just over two weeks, which means that a shutdown could affect the final wrap-up of the semester before grades are due on the 30th, and spring Commencement happens on the 7th.

Below, a letter from UDC President Sessoms to staff in late march concerning the shutdown, which declares all non-security personnel to be affected by the shutdown. No plans are yet known for the shutdown.

Letter to UDC Staff from President Sessoms

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