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‘Entrance Fare’
courtesy of ‘Collin David Anderson’

Not every great photograph is crisp and perfect, in clean focus and with smooth grain. This shot, from inside the Foggy Bottom Metro this weekend, captures the motion of this protestor as he leapt to the top of the faregate, and, from the description, into the waiting arms of MPD. What I love about this photo is that you’re seeing what’s about to happen, as well what is happening.  That’s a hard capture as a photographer, to get the viewer to see what’s next, as well as frame the moment.

I love the clean lines in the background, the curving squares of the Metro ceiling stretching onward into infinity.  The Do Not Enter lights of the faregates express clearly the transgression in progress.

Wonderful job, Collin David Anderson.

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  1. Cool, thanks Tom.

    Aaron – The black bloc is a generic term for protesters who dress in all black to mask their identity within a crowd, but in the US its associated with anarchists. The group that I was following had gathered to protest the IMF and World Bank during their spring meeting.