Just how fucked is Metro, exactly?


I’ve always wanted a website that could tell me exactly how totally and unrepetently fucked Metro was at any given moment, and now I have my wish.  Designer Joey Brunelle built the website, and is still handtuning the application to display how fucked, or not fucked, the metro system is at any given point.  It’s a pretty amazing little web-app, it shows you how many trains are in service, where they are on the map, what the wait time is like for individual stations, and allows you to switch seamlessly between lines.

Nice job, Joey!

Of course, there’s a worksafe version for those of you who still feel the need to watch your language around your bosses.

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4 thoughts on “Just how fucked is Metro, exactly?

  1. The title slightly tilts the perceptions, but cool site!!

    At the Post today, a piece on a recent arrival from Tampa Bay, he’s writing songs about each station.