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It may come as a surprise to you that I have time to read in between all those trips to the Passenger for brunch, but it’s true. It probably won’t come as a surprise, though, that I’ve been reading a lot about drinking and prohibition lately. Two DC area authors have new books on those subjects.

First (in order of release), Garrett Peck, author of The Prohibition Hangover and leader of the Temperance Tour, has a new book on the subject of Prohibition in Washington, D.C. He’s giving a talk tomorrow at Pound the Hill, and will be having a launch party at the Woodrow Wilson House on May 19.

Second (but not least by any stretch), one of our favorite bartenders, Room 11’s Dan Searing, has a book out today. You may recall that Dan started Punch Club before Room 11 even opened. Now you can bring his expertise home with you in book form, as his The Punch Bowl has just been released.

Buy both today and support these DC authors. I’ve reached out to Dan to find out if he’s got a launch event planned, and will post an update here as soon as I find something out.

Fedward Potz moved into the District in 1999 with a four year plan and never left. He enjoys good food, craft cocktails, photography, music, and long walks on the beach.

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4 thoughts on “We Love Books About Drinks

  1. I went to the Garret Peck talk tonight. Fascinating stories of Prohibition in DC! Even Congress had its own bootlegger, with an office on the Hill for ten years. It was a law that everyone disobeyed.

  2. I am very disappointed in this blog. There is no love here. Maybe between this husband and wife team, but not for this city. This posting is so disrespectful. I am so proud of people when they stand up for their rights. I couldn’t imagine putting anyone down for taking a stand for something they believe in.

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