A chance to tell the White House what you think

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This Wednesday, the White House wants to know what you think.  They’re sending Michael Blake from the Office of Public Engagement to lead a Town Hall event at All Souls Church in Columbia Heights for two and a half hours this Wednesday.  If you want to go, the event is free, but requires an RSVP.  Want to know if President Obama is going to barter away any more of your freedoms to avoid further concessions to the Republicans? This would be a great place to ask.  Want to know if the President actually supports local autonomy for the District? This would be a great place to ask.

See you Wednesday at All Souls!

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One thought on “A chance to tell the White House what you think

  1. I think it’s pretty outrageous and especially galling to patronize District residents with such a civic device as a ‘town hall meeting’ purporting to wanting to ‘know what we think’! In light of the well-known fact that we can’t vote in Congress, we don’t have representation, we are taxed without any representation, and we are denied our constitutional rights of equal protection under the law tell them we want our rights. If they are unwilling to attempt to fix this constitutional limbo, then their message is clear: They Do Not Care.