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I got to know Sheng Wang over the phone recently and found out who he is and what to expect when he headlines the Cool Dudes Hanging Out Show happening at the Velvet Lounge this Friday from 7 to 10 PM. I don’t like to give excuses, but want to let you know that my trusty I-Pod that I use to record my conversations failed to record and I do not have a lot of quotes. What I do promise you though is that I can tell you his story using the very ephemeral storage space in my brain. In fact I am scrambling to disseminate as much information as possible right now so that the story is fresh in my mind.

Sheng Wang

Sheng was the final boss in Mortal Kombat and is the sworn enemy of Liu Kang.

Wait…that’s Shang Tsung. Forgive me.

Sheng Wang is a Taiwanese Texan who made his first attempt at comedy in college at a talent show. He had a notion of what stand up comedy was like and decided to go for it and said that the experience was “amazing.” He decided that he had three life directions to choose after he got the degree. He was either going to be a poet, a photographer, or a stand up comedian. He chose stand up comedian and it’s worked out pretty well.

He just had a half hour special that debuted on Comedy Central in January and he has gotten a chance to travel the country and enjoy all types of food. He went from Texas to San Francisco and is now residing in New York. He admitted that he is a foodie and that he also tells a lot of food jokes. “One time a friend found one of my set lists and thought that it was a shopping list.” Sheng has been to D.C. before and confirmed that he ate waffles here one time. I don’t know where he ate the waffles and neither did he. I encouraged him to check out Ben’s Chili Bowl for some greasy goodness after the show over at the Velvet Lounge.

The show will cost either five individual George Washingtons or one Abraham Lincoln paper. That’s just another way of saying $5.

The Cool Dudes Hanging Out Show
the Velvet Lounge
915 U Street Northwest
Friday, May 20 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm

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