Just in time for commuting: Metro Cocktails


Comic by Emily

Some days on the Metro have gotten so bad lately that this set of beautifully done comics by local artist Emily are both hilarious and too close to home, especially the one above about the Red Line. I’m sure you’ve got your own, leave them here in the comments (or on Emily’s, there are some hysterical ones there, especially the one about the Green Line) so we can all laugh and lament together.

If I had to make one, I think I’d choose the 38 Bus: A shaker with a little of everything, but frozen close to solid, served in a sippy cup.

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3 thoughts on “Just in time for commuting: Metro Cocktails

  1. Aw, thanks for the kind words! I’m still a little shocked by how many people have read this comic, glad y’all are enjoying it!

  2. I can’t see all the Metro comics – just a handful. Is there more than one page of them?

    I’ve looked all over her blog. I’d love to see them all.