We Love Weekends: Memorial Day Style

A Rodin

Fedward: The Social Chair is busy with work all weekend, and after the week I’ve had it’ll be nice to put my feet up and not do much of anything. Accordingly only two days are planned, for a wedding (not mine) on Friday and an associated celebration Sunday afternoon. Other than that I might pay a restorative visit to the National Gallery of Art (look for me at the Matisse cutouts and the found alphabet in the East Building, and the Dutch Cabinet and the Rodin sculptures (sigh) in the West Building. Throw in the usual hangover brunch at the Passenger and some general photographic wandering about town and there’s my long weekend.

Dave: This weekend marks my last in DC before skipping town to move back to Boston. In honor, I’m trying to squeeze in all of my favorites with close friends. Friday night, I’ll get one more softball game with my alumni team in under the Washington Monument (against our rivals from South Bend, nonetheless). Saturday will start with some afternoon drinks on the RiRa patio for my roommate’s birthday before I join my band for one last gig that evening at Ragtime. We’re going to blow the top of that place. Sunday will end appropriately at Nationals Park, with an afternoon game to enjoy my last day in the District. Arrivederci, DC.

Mosley: Saturday I’m heading down to St. Mary’s County to hang out with a friend from school.  But if I were in town, I’d probably do my traditional Memorial Day Weekend event of going on a very long walk, taking many, many photos.  In year’s past I’ve walked up 16th Street from the White House to Columbia Heights; I’ve walked the Mount Vernon Trail from Rosslyn to the Wilson Bridge; and I’ve also just done random wonderings around the Cathedral, Mass Ave, and Capitol Hill.  Sunday I’m planning on driving over to Great Fallls, since I’ve never been, and just seeing nature’s wonders.  Finally, Monday is fairly open, but I’m thinking of doing kayaking on Potomac (this, I’ve done before) or going down and seeing Rolling Thunder.

Tiff: The strawberries are finally ready to pick at Great Country Farm, so there may be some of that. We’ve got tickets for the Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s double-feature, and I can’t even tell you how much I’m looking forward to some face-melting. Aside from that, I’ll probably spend some quality time practicing for Dhoonya Dance’s annual student show, JHOSH, happening next weekend.

Don: I feel enormously lucky this week but it has been EXHAUSTING. This weekend I expect my darling wife and I will focus on the two joint tasks of diddly & squat. Any additional activities will have to work into that goal of relaxation – perhaps a quiet picnic at Roosevelt Island, roughly coinciding with our getting engaged there three years ago. If the weather defies expectations then a beer or seven at a sidewalk cafe somewhere. If you’ve got a favorite quiet spot, sing out and suggest it.

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