Catch a Striped Bass in Maryland, Win $10,000

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Maryland’s Department of Fisheries released a number of tagged striped bass this weekend that are eligible for various bounties, starting at $500 per tagged fish.  One fished, nicknamed Diamond Jim (for Diamond Jim Brady, no not that Jim Brady, the other Jim Brady) is worth $10,000 to the lucky angler who brings him in.

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The Striped Bass (aka Rockfish), in addition to being tasty in a lemon butter sauce, is the state fish of Maryland.  You can fish for them all through the Chesapeake Bay and out into the Atlantic.  You can get an annual fishing license through the state for $15 if you’re a Maryland resident, or $22.50 if you’re not. If you just want a week’s worth of fishing, that’s $6 or $12.  if you’re a Virginia resident with a saltwater fishing license, Maryland offers reciprocity, which means you don’t need to pay twice.

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