Montgomery County shuts down kids’ lemonade stand

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Montgomery County decided today to shutdown a lemonade stand near the Congressional Golf Course run by the children of two local families because they did not pay $300 for a vendor permit.  While the $500 fine has been waived by the County, and the kids can setup somewhere “more private” this still seems to be the kind of thing that just brings me down.

Sorry kids, lemonade stands cost $300 in baksheesh to the county. Next time plan ahead.

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3 thoughts on “Montgomery County shuts down kids’ lemonade stand

  1. I heard the County’s defense for shutting it down on NPR earlier. “It was not a normal lemonade stand. It was a 10′ by 10′ tent. They were selling drinks.”

    Seriously..?! How small do you have to be to be considered a stand? They were kids for goodness sakes.

  2. Montgomery County is also planning to rip out a 30-year-old organic farm that could be a great model for teaching kids about growing healthy, local food to put in even more soccer fields.

    I guess kids who live there at least can learn how county government works.

  3. Is the city going to shut down all the water sellers too? There are about 200 random people selling water on each street corner. Think they have a permit?