Tune Inn has kitchen fire

The Tune Inn

News is coming from Capitol Hill this morning that Hill-favorite The Tune Inn has suffered a kitchen fire that sparked massive response from DC Fire & EMS this morning on Pennsylvania Avenue.  Reports from some outlets are just coming in, and I suspect The Hill Is Home will have the best coverage as we work through the day.

The Tune Inn has been DC’s representative on the Best Bars in America for a number of years running.

Update: 9:45 I just got back from The Tune Inn, where the fire engines have all departed, and the cleanup has begun. According to the staff I spoke with, the damage is confined to the kitchen and the second level. The whole kitchen will need to be replaced after a grease fire destroyed much of the kitchen.  The bar area remained untouched thanks in part to the quick reflexes of the morning staff, who slammed the door shut when the fire broke out.  According to staff, the night spot should open again “in a few weeks”.

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