Remember DC, it could be so much worse

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‘Blizzard 2010-Round 2’
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As the mercury is set to be in the mid 90s and the hygrometer is headed straight for the “Just Plain Mean” side of the dial, it is important to remember some things:

Hydrate. Drink more water than you think is necessary. Dehydration is pretty freaking awful, so get on your game with regard to water.

Sunscreen. It’s sorta cloudy today, but you can still find yourself scorched in the indirect sunlight, so some solid SPF 30 or so will help if you’re going to be

Go Lightweight. Fellas, ditch the ties. Seriously, nothing worse than a tie in this terrible heat. Stay be-suited if you must, but let the neckline breath just a bit?

Check on your Neighbors. Not everyone has someone to help them out, so check on your neighbors in this hot weather? Besides, it’s been too long since you’ve seen them anyway.

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