Harry Thomas agrees to repay $300,000

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Late Friday, the story broke that Councilman Harry Thomas had agreed to repay $300,000 to the city as part of a settlement with Attorney General Irv Nathan regarding monies spent by Team Thomas. The repayment, made without interest or penalties, will be made in six payments of $50,000 over the next two years, with the first payment made on Friday.

Not included in the statement is any admission of guilt in spending those monies inappropriately, and Thomas has come out to strongly defend himself in spite of the payments. It’s not clear if the Council has decided that’s enough. Councilmembers Catania and Cheh have called publicly for his resignation, and at least one other councilmember has doubts about Thomas’ purported innocence, saying “Personally, I would never agree to repay money if I did not wrongfully spend it.”

The matter is still under investigation by the US Attorney’s Office, and they have yet to make a decision concerning prosecution.

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