Why I Love DC: Michael T. Ruhl

Birds of a Feather
‘Birds of a Feather’

You want to know why I love DC? Well, take a look through my lens and see how I view this beautiful city. I don’t claim to be a great photographer – I’m just a guy who likes to shoot. Washington is my arena, my subject, and my muse. DC, my darling, smile for the camera.

I first came to DC to report on Congress. That was kind of like drinking from a fire hose, and the Capitol building quickly became my favorite place in the world. This shot elicits the collectivism of the House of Representatives, a subject of endless fascination for me.

I Love Nixon
‘I Love Nixon’

Nixon loves the C&O Canal.


Waiting for the President at the White House. I just know she’s writing about me in her blackberry. I just know it. :(

Tourist Season
‘Tourist Season’

I’ll admit it – I love the tourists. Sure, they can get underfoot when I’m going to work, but I love the sense of wonder with which they view our beautiful city. I love giving flash-tours to some poor unsuspecting souls about town. I haven’t been stabbed yet, so I think that part is going pretty well (knock on wood).

"The Best Part of Capitalism"
‘The Best Part of Capitalism’

When I first came here I got the biggest kick out of how much money merchandise movers make at parades and other touristy events. You know you just imagined a kid wearing a blue ‘FBI’ sweatshirt. You know you did.

Catholic Shrine
‘Catholic Shrine’

St. Nicholas
‘St. Nicholas’

DC’s many beautiful houses of worship bring out the architecture lover in me.


Market Painter
‘Market Painter’


My time in DC has in part been spent understanding what it is to be an American. These Bluesmen sing me the quintessential American music. I’ve always loved blues, but DC’s scene is great for a guy like me.

Laissez Foure
‘Laissez Foure’

Though I wash weekly in American culture, one of the most enriching things about this place is the diversity. Here a handful of jazzbos bring some French music to Georgetown. A guy could go foaming at the mouth at the overflow of culture. I love it.

Come On!
‘Come On!’

DC has a certain amount of charm in the cold weather…

Coming Soon
‘Coming Soon’

…and even more charm as Spring approaches.

Pedal Boats
‘Pedal Boats’

Byrd Flew Away
‘Byrd Flew Away’

Flags at half mast at the Washington Monument following the death last year of Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia.

Ghosts and Soldiers
‘Ghosts and Soldiers’

Changing of the Guard
‘Changing of the Guard’

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything as honorable as the changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown in Arlington.

All photos by Michael T. Ruhl.

Michael came to DC in 2009 via Albuquerque, NM. In his spare time, Michael is a photographer, an audiophile, and a guitar aficionado. His humor is drier than the desert and he often finds himself neck deep in awkward situations. Visit his website.

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