Courtland Milloy is watching you tweet


Courtland Milloy, coiner of the phrase “myopic little twits” is now on twitter, at @courtland51, and he really just wants to “track millenials & find out if they anything in dc other than party and gentrify.” That means he’s looking for you, DC twitterers, to point him toward Gen X and Millenials who are doing things in the city.

Drop him a line and tell him we said hi?

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6 thoughts on “Courtland Milloy is watching you tweet

  1. I’m sorry, did you say something? I couldn’t hear you over all the partying and gentrifying over here.

  2. Did he happen to say what is covered under the term “gentrify”? Because a broad reading of that word could include almost anything.

  3. I know I shouldn’t feed trolls, but I responded a few hours ago that I try to get in at least an hour of gentrification a day.

  4. Well, when I’m not busy wasting the government’s money during the day, I use it to party and gentrify. Sometimes I buy groceries.