Daniel Snyder’s Attorneys: “DC can’t make its own laws!”

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‘Dan Snyder, Free Speech Crusader’
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Oh Dan Snyder.

Just when you thought the city’s most litigious owner of a sports team had given DC enough reasons to love him. His attorneys yesterday gave us one more reason to think this man a FINE UPSTANDING INDIVIDUAL OF MORAL STRENGTH AND CHARACTER, ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY DANIEL SNYDER, KING OF THE REDSKINS:

Just as sure as ‘Congress shall make no law . . . prohibiting the freedom of speech,’ so, too, the D.C. Council may make no law with respect to the manner in which the D.C. Superior Court conducts its affairs.

Erik Wemple from the Post quotes at length from the Snyder documents, specifically citing the sections where Snyder’s attorneys believe that DC’s Anti-SLAPP law is of no particular consequence and perhaps a violation of the first amendment and other constitutional protections. That the Anti-SLAPP measure in other jurisdictions have stood up to some scrutiny is, of course, irrelevant.

What a guy, that Snyder. What a guy.

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