Friday Happy Hour: GNR Lies

One of my favorite things about Room 11 is the taste of the folks behind the bar. On any given evening, there are only a couple of featured cocktails, but they are consistently interesting (as are the wine selections which take prominence on the menu). Wednesday evening, as they celebrated their second anniversary in business, was no exception. There was special strawberry-allspice birthday punch. And, painted on the window, the GNR Lies.

The GNR Lies turns out to be very nearly my spirit drink.

Things in this cocktail: Gin, Campari, rosemary, tonic, orange, Angostura (“The yellow cap, not the orange cap,” my friend Iris made very clear.) This list of ingredients could pass for a list of “Britt’s favorite flavors,” so there can be no surprise that this drink needed to be in my life. It was light, dry, sparkling, and awesome. It made me very happy.

The only thing I might change: My true spirit drink would clearly bubble with Champagne, not tonic water, right? I think so. Oh, and it would not make any reference to Guns n’ Roses.

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