Updated Closures for 24 August

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Several closures were announced in local and federal government artifices overnight. They are as follows:


DCPS is Closed today. They changed their minds from open-but-for-three-schools at 10:30pm last night to All Closed at 5:50am today.


According to OPM, the following federal agencies are closed:

  • Department of Health & Human Services
  • Department of Labor
  • National Building Museum
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of the Interior
  • Department of Commerce Building A in Franconia
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense at One White Flint in Bethesda
  • Department of Health & Human Services in Laurel
  • Archives in Suitland

It’s not yet clear why DCPS felt the need to close all of their schools today, aside from “an abundance of caution.”

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2 thoughts on “Updated Closures for 24 August

  1. >It’s not yet clear why DCPS felt the need to close all of their schools today, aside from “an abundance of caution.”

    Well, I’m guessing it’s because of the reasons posted on their website in this press release, including allowing “a thorough assessment of school buildings” and having “qualified structural engineers thoroughly inspect all 126 school buildings.”

    Yes, it’s too bad that they switched their mind after last night. But why is everyone complaining about the schools being closed to inspect 126 buildings, but not complaining about agencies or museums that are closed to inspect just a few buildings (or even one)? Seems a completely reasonable response.


  2. I just I wish I knew what they decided changed between 10:00pm last night when they said they were going to open everything (having done inspections!) except for three high schools which they felt needed either additional inspect, or had damage that needed to be repaired, and this morning just before 6:00am that closed all of the schools today.

    I’m upset because they either told us they’d done something they hadn’t, or because they decided to change their mind based on what PG County did.