Snyder drops ridiculous suit against City Paper

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Showing no small amount of media savvy, Dan Snyder announced through the Redskins media apparatus that he was dropping his suit against the Washington City Paper at 8:20pm on Saturday, buried in the middle of the weekend news cycle amid a terror threat, the specter of 9/11, and 15 hours short of the 2011 Redskins debut that went spectacularly well. Bravo, Dan, way to miss the media cycle.

But yes, the City Paper is now free from the threat of a lawsuit over the November 2010 article in the City Paper called The Cranky Redskins Fan’s Guide to Dan Snyder which details numerous grievances against the Redskins’ owner by fans and other groups. Perhaps we’re seeing Snyder turn over a new leaf, where he engages often with local charities, sells the team and walks the earth searching for redemption.

One can hope.

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One thought on “Snyder drops ridiculous suit against City Paper

  1. This was probably the plan all along if the City Paper didn’t back down–after all, just dealing with this has cost the CP a ton of money, so he already managed to make it hurt.