Friday Happy Hour: Ginger Smash – Fall Version

This week has been busy, but just looking at my calendar for the next month or so is tiring. (Maybe the rest of the year, actually. I have already gotten enough holiday party invitations that I went ahead and scheduled my own before my guests booked up. Crazy.) In any event, I was grateful for a relaxed Thursday night to come along. To celebrate, I headed to an author reading at 826DC and then walked over to Room 11.

I do not write much about wine in this column, but that does not mean I do not drink the stuff in my “off-duty” time – and Room 11 is one of my favorite spots to sip on a glass of something, which had been my plan when I plopped down at a patio table. However, my friend Iris was working and it is hard to turn down cocktails whipped up by a girl who keeps a Facebook photo album called “Drinks as Friends” where she chronicles the creation of special cocktails to represent the people in her life.

The first thing she made me was terrific. A combination of fresh ginger, bourbon, and cardamaro that was the perfect early-fall, spicy, gingery, deliciousness. However, it does not have a name that I recall and, thus, does not fit well in the title convention of this column. If you go to Room 11 as them to make it for you and to give it a name, and then report back to me.

Conveniently, the next thing she brought out not only has a name, I can give you the exact recipe. The Ginger Smash – Fall Version comes from Speakeasy: The Employees Only Guide and you can find this cocktail online via Google Books. Spicy with ginger (apparently my flavor du jour) but also flavored with apple, lemon, allspice, and gin, it does make for as perfect a fall drink as the name suggests.

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