Own a piece of the Hawk n Dove

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‘Club Hawk Birthday’
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This weekend was the last hurrah of famed Capitol Hill dive bar, The Hawk n Dove, with the bar shutting its doors last night for good. If you’ve been inside the Hawk n Dove, or seen it on the likes of the West Wing, you can understand the enthusiasm about the place, and the sorrow of those regulars contained therein. Losing it is like losing a piece of the city. Now, though, you can own a piece of the Hawk n Dove yourself, as they’re auctioning off the bar’s contents.

You can have one of the decoy ducks, or the bear skin taxidermy, or even one of the wrought iron outside lamps or the Hawk n Dove flag if you’re fast enough on the bidding, or have deep enough a wallet.

The space will reopen in the spring with a pub run by Xavier Cervera, of Senart’s Oyster & Chop House fame.

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