Gray campaign under federal grand jury investigation

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We’d known this was coming. We’d heard that since Sulaimon Brown’s allegations of impropriety surrounding the Gray campaign, and Brown’s subsequent flame-out, were being investigated that this could turn criminal at some point. The Post dropped the bombshell in a Sunday A1 story that there was a grand jury impaneled to hear testimony concerning actions within the Gray campaign. The testimony to date, according to the Post, centers around Howard Brooks, Lorraine Green and Brooks’ son Peyton Brooks, and some shady dealings with cash and money order contributions, as well as the concerning matter of Sulaimon Brown.

The Examiner has some additional analysis concerning the immunity deals, which are certainly not what the Gray administration wanted to see right about now. They can just hope at this point that it’s just a few rogue individuals working without knowledge of the top of the campaign. If that’s not the case, it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

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2 thoughts on “Gray campaign under federal grand jury investigation

  1. Thanks Tom – All of these campaign investigation stories keep reminding me of my experience when one of his volunteers verbally assaulted me while I was working at a polling place on election day! Hope they get to the bottom of it all!