We Love Weekends – November 11-13

Mallard Ducklings in November

Welcome to your weekend, Washington. As always, your true-life weekend agendas from We Love DC staff below…

Moses: My 11-11-11 weekend starts with a celebratory something at 11:11:11 AM.  Dinner bell ring? Clown car horn? How about taking a moment to remember our Veterans on Veterans Day? It’s dentist day for me, so I’ll get my semi-annual sandwich fix (perhaps the 5th Avenue) afterwards at Booeymonger in Friendship Heights (gives me something to motivate me for dentist visits).  Saturday I am headed to Boston (yuck), but for a good cause: the Progeria Research Foundation has its fundraising gala (check out auction items or donate!).  Honorary Co-Chairs for the event are Boston Bruins players, but I am Rockin’ the Red with my Washington Capitals cufflinks to show where my heart is!

Rachel: I’m in the final planning stages for my Winter Tour that hits the road next week, so life’s a bit busy. There is, of course, always the time to celebrate a fellow We Love DC’ers birthday … which we’ll do this weekend in Brookland! (Happy Birthday, Tiff!) Other than that, my weekend starts tonight when I stop by the Gibson Guitar Showroom downtown for a guitar design brainstorming session as part of the “Gibson Listens” Program followed by a meet up with another We Love DC’er, Mr. Patrick Pho, at Iota Club & Cafe in Arlington to pick his social media brain about how make the best possible video blogs. In the meantime, I’ll continue to pray that the Nats’ starting catcher Wilson Ramos is returned safely after being kidnapped in his home country of Venezuela last night.

It seemed like a nice neighborhood........

Tom: Weekend at long last, I’m so glad you’re here! Friday is all about stocking up for the weekend ahead. Look for a late grocery run to the Weg in Landover for Saturday’s grand birthday party for my lovely wife, complete with breakfast deliciousness. After that, I’m going to need the mother of all bike rides to make up for my gluttony, but my friend G has given me a great idea for a ride to help cover that extra caloric intake. With the weather slated for the gorgeous side of beautiful, it’s hard not to get outside and love it this weekend. Sunday, we’ll be at the diner for breakfast, ahead of some intense housework to get ready for the winter season!

Rebecca: Friday I’m having date night at 2 Amys. I’m really looking forward to a pint of Old Speckled Hen, some warm olives and my own personal Calabrese pizza. After dinner, we’ll jaunt on over to the National Cathedral, which with the cold, crisp Fall air will be beautifully lit up. Saturday, it’s the last footie match of the season after which I’ll be resting up to tailgate at the Notre Dame v. Maryland game taking place at FedEx Field at 7pm. There are still plenty of tickets available. Sunday things may be a little rough in the morning, but nothing that can’t be fixed with some cheesy, eggy goodness in the form of Mairead’s Cure (a triple decker delight! irish banger, ham, eggs, cheddar cheese, served between three slices of bread with irish beans on the side) and a pint of Guiness at Ireland’s Four Courts.

Malcolm X Park, Washington DC

Huzzard: After a string of what I consider to be lazy weekend this one is getting kicked into high gear. I am going to sit at home playing the new Elder Scrolls game all weekend. Actually I am not doing that I just would be if I wasn’t going to the AFL to watch Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Brian Dozier, and the other future stars of baseball in the Arizona desert. My weekend begins bright and early–actually early but not bright–as I am on one of the first flights of the morning at 6:00 AM. I land in Atlanta around 8:00 and connect to Phoenix at 10:00. That should give me enough time to get a Chic-Fil-A chicken biscuit and pick up the new Stephen King book if I couldn’t find it at Dulles. We are going to cram as much food and baseball as possible in this weekend, but the two most important stops will be HoHoKam Stadium and Alice Cooperstown on Sunday morning to watch the Redskins game. I am sure there will be lots more that I do this weekend. I often find the things we enjoy the most on our travels are those that are unplanned.     

Mosley: Friday; 11/11/11; it’s the one day that goes to eleven.  Eleven, eleven, eleven; right across the board.  And to celebrate it, I’m going to see This is Spinal Tap at the AFI, at 11pm.  I’m hoping to get through it better than the band’s drummers…I mean, dozens of people spontaneously combust each year.  It’s just not widely reported.  Assuming I survive, Saturday is fairly free.  I’m thinking of going for a walk through town to see the fall colors.  God knows, in just a week or two we’ll be in full on colorless winter.  Gotta enjoy the color while it lasts!

Joanna: Since this is my first “weekends,” I’ll go ahead and warn you that I keep my Fridays lame. This Friday I plan to treat my neglected retriever to a run before my friend Laura arrives from NYC. Saturday she and I are taking our dogs on one of my go-to urban hikes: Mt. Vernon Trail from the Pentagon to Memorial Bridge, around the National Mall, then back to VA via the Tidal Basin & Gravelly Point. Saturday night it’s fried chicken and waffles at Founding Farmers, then pints at Sine in Arlington. (Positioned at the window with a Guinness, we plan to enjoy the awkward first dates and amazing wipeouts that make the now-open Pentagon Row skating rink so charmingly kitsch.) Sunday it’s Eastern Market fueled by a shot of Peregrine Espresso, then a stroll around Capitol Hill to watch leaves. 


Alexia: Friday night I’m going to support my Euphonium-playing father as he performs with The Alexandria Band in their special “Spirit of the Civil War” multi-media concert at the Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall on NoVa’s Alexandria campus. The concert commemorates Lincoln’s review of the Army of the North at Bailey’s Crossroads in November 1861, and features Civil War era music. Saturday afternoon I’m braving the ‘burbs and heading to Herndon for a friend’s baby shower. When the sun sets I’ll be cranking up the rock, playing with my band The Torches at Red Palace, for Ugly Purple Sweater’s album release party. Sunday will hopefully be restful, maybe meeting friends for brunch or heading to Old Town Alexandria for my regularly scheduled stroll and coffee with my sister.

Brittany: The weekend starts off with a celebration of celebrating celebrations – or something like that – at BYT’s Young@Heart 2 photography show and party – “a couple hundred of our favorite shots of 2011 which feature celebrities, our city and probably me, you and everyone we know.” On 11|11|11, the date which most resembles corduroy, I will be hosting DC’s local meeting of the Corduroy Appreciation Club at, naturally, Room 11. I am always happy to see a new gallery space opening for business, so Saturday I will be stopping by the grand opening of Arts@1830. After that, I head over to Velvet Lounge to see my friends in the always-great L&T&W. Sunday is the Tweed Ride – always a delight – so I will be tweeding up for that (and sporting a Remembrance Day poppy if anybody knows where I can make a donation around DC).


Brittany has tried to leave DC, it just never lasts. She has lived in Chicago, California, and China – but she always comes back home. Brittany is a drinks, nightlife, and style correspondent for We Love DC. Between columns, you can find her on Twitter, Tumblr, or standing by the bar. Email her at brittany(at)welovedc.com.

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