We Love Arts: Cirque du Soleil Skip Roper Adrienn Banhegyi & Quidam

Title : Zoé, John, Target Picture credit : Matt Beard Costume credit : Dominique Lemieux ©2011 Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil’s travelling show Quidam is coming to the Verizon Center this week (November 16 to 20). This particular show’s premise is: “A young girl’s escape into a world of imagination.” That leaves room for some provoking theater combined with acrobatics, live music, and a killer light show (among other things).

Skip Roper Adrienn Banhegyi, 28, took the time to talk about Quidam over the phone, giving We Love DC the 411 about what makes this Cirque du Soleil show special.

Here’s what she had to say:

Title : Skipping Ropes (Right: Adrienn Banhegyi) Picture credit : Al Seib Costume credit : Dominique Lemieux ©Cirque du Soleil

Quidam is really connected to the real world, Banhegyi said.

“It takes you to a magical place because of all the lights and the music and all the action that you can see. It looks like a magical adventure, but it’s performed by real people, and it really strongly connects to reality […] the story line is about reality.”

Banhegyi describes Quidam as a very colorful, high energy level act.

Besides her featured skipping rope performance, Banhegyi’s favorite part of the evening is the “hand to hand” act when part of the troupe dresses up as penguins. It’s Banhegyi’s favorite scene because of the performer’s proximity to the audience.

“[We] have a chance to look at the audience and see how people react to everything that moves. It’s a really nice experience.”

You can see what Banhegyi is talking about live at the Verizon Center this week, November 16 to 20. Tickets are available at www.cirquedusoleil.com/quidam or by calling 1-202-397-SEAT.

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