ROC Guide Highlights DC Restaurants

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When picking a restaurant for your next meal out, why not choose a place where workers haven’t coughed all over your dinner because they’ve been forced to work with the flu?

Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC-United) and their local branch ROC-DC just released their first annual Diners’ Guide: a Zagat-like booklet that scores national and local restaurants based on how they treat their workers. The guide includes the 150 highest revenue restaurants in America as well as some local spots already working toward better standards for their employees.

Some of the results aren’t exactly shocking (no, Hooters doesn’t lead the industry in fair treatment of their workers). Others may be more of a surprise: Capital Grille, for example, makes it onto a special list of shame for restaurants charged with discrimination and wage theft.

Congrats to the DC area restaurants that won the Gold Prize (the highest recognition offered by the guide):

And congrats to the local Silver Prize winners:

To top off our local successes, burger heartthrob Five Guys was the only national fast food chain to win the Gold Prize. (Don’t worry displaced Californians. In-and-Out won Silver.)

Foodies: Get your copy of the guide. Restaurant owners/workers: Place your business in the next guide by contacting ROC.

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2 thoughts on “ROC Guide Highlights DC Restaurants

  1. Awesome – Yay for spotlighting restaurants for more than what customers see.

    Also, I like that TFG made the list even though it’s not as casual in the fine dining category as the other prize winners listed.

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