Big Tigger done at WPGC

Photo courtesy of DrivingtheNortheast
Radio and telelvision personality Big Tigger (who is a big fan of the Cadillac CTS-V Coupe) takes a picture with the Cadillac emblem..
courtesy of DrivingtheNortheast

There are few things worse than being fired on your birthday, but getting fired three days before Christmas AND on your birthday has to be a pretty rough thing. Pour one out for Big Tigger at WPGC, because DCRTV is reporting that’s exactly what happened.

I want to let you know that Tigger will no longer be hosting mornings on WPGC. Tigger has been a huge part of WPGC over the years. He started as an intern at PGC back in 1993 and eventually moved into nights in 1996. He came back later in the 2000s for afternoons and then, most recently, mornings. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors. As we move into the New Year 2012, we will launch a search for the next morning star to pair up with Free, Guy Lambert, and DJ Heat. In the meantime, we will focus on a much more music intensive show.

The host has confirmed through his Twitter account that they’re parting ways:


Best of luck, Tigger.

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23 thoughts on “Big Tigger done at WPGC

  1. WPGC need to get it together!!! This station has gone to TRASH!! There is no consistency with the folks they have on the radio.

  2. Wow, I just found out about Tigger. I switch stations in the morning and during the holidays I would switch back and forth to WPGC but did not hear any talk. I just figured it was because of the Holidays and everyone was off. I do remember listening to them on his birthday. Plus he announced weeks back that he would be off the day after his birthday. First Chris Paul, then Donnie Simpson, Michelle Wright, Anjy Corley, Danella, Raine, and now Tigger. What the hell happened to PGC? Then to fire him on his birthday a couple days before Christmas, WPGC is going loose its base. Tigger did’t have a full two years in the job. I may now switch to Satellite radio for good.

  3. I saw the set up from the jump when they brought Free on and they set it up like she was running the joint.” Big Tigger is about to be free” I know y’all remember that. Then all of a sudden her name was more prominent on his show. Whatev,head back to the basement Tig,we’ll change the station and follow!!!!

  4. I actually do remember the “free big tigger” campagign and I just thought he was being released from his contract. PGC is dirty. I forgot to add how Ashy Larry got the boot too! I listen to Hot 99.5 but no way in hell do I believe that they provided that much stiff competetion.

  5. Im sorry,,,but the show is now whack in the mornings. Seems like the commercials are longer and certain things are not being played. Clarissa Jenkins phone tap played at 8:37. Every morning, I would wait to log into my computer to hear the phone tap before starting work,,,,

  6. People are upset and I understand but most people could care less about facts and what actually is going on behind the scences at these radio stations. Knowledge really is power if you really care do more than just turn on your radio and do nothing else. These are the facts and you can go to DCRTV.COM to verify it Big Tigger and Free were in 18th place in the key money demo 25-54. They were in 13th place in the 12 plus demo. 13th place in the 6 plus demo. Ratings is why he was let go all of the twitter talk and some fun did nothing for the ratings. A new ratings system was introduced in 2008 called PPM WPGC went from being a Top 3 station in the diaries which had been used for 40 years to 14th place over nite. There is a dirty little secret in the DMV with some black radio listners and that is that HOT995 is in the Top 3 in all of the demos that i just talked about 995 at times has had DOUBLE PGC&KYS ratings combined that is not good and I do not like 995 at all but lets call a spade a spade. WPGC actually has better ratings now morning drive was the one major trouble spot with Tigger who is my man but hey he will be ok. They are trying to see if they can get better ratings with more music and less talk in morning drive they can not copy off of Russ Parr who Kane is killing as well but Russ was number 11 not 18 like Tig in 25-54. People if you care get the facts and call these people out if you really care.

  7. Can’t lie- I definitely tune in to 99.5 in the mornings. The Kane show is absolutely hilarious! I do, however, flip back to the Rus Parr Morning Show. 10am-6am my radio is on the urban stations. The reasons I switched to 995: 1) My friends (mainly Black) put me on, and 2) PGC let Donnie Simpson go. I’ll always love Tig but that morning show never did it for me. Now with Free as the host…I don’t know WHAT they were thinking. Donnie Simpson was the absolute best. Maybe the bigwigs are rethinking that HUGE mistake.

  8. The thing that has hurt YOUNG END Urban Radio WPGC and WKYS has been a brand new ratings system called PPM as I stated before. This system replaced the dairies that had been used for 40 years. The system has not hurt Urban AC Magic 102.3 or WHUR as much but it really hurt the young end stations a ton. Big Tig and Donnie both mornings shows were hurt by this change. I doubt that Donnie will return Donnie was making a reported 4 million dollars a year CBS Radio is glad to get that high salary off of there books.I do not know what WPGC will do in morning drive we will see but going from Top 3 as WPGC did to 12th place has been the reason for all of the change that we have seen since 2008.

  9. Hey Donta, Know it all, shut the hell up and learn how to spell. The word is “their” not there!
    Who gives a rats azz about the rating? The show went from hot to horrible damn near overbnight. Tigger was supposed to be a replacement for Donnie in the rating. The show was whack. Okay it’s too bad about Tigger my Nigga, but his black azz will be straight! He has Direct Access, in the Den and some more stuff in the works. Your azz is posting about his unemployed azz on a message board, so which one of y’all is struggling. Get a life loser!

  10. I have no idea how all this works, but it seems that if there is a SMALL group that enjoys unique music, and it is not popular across the board for the majority, the station will eventually not be able to play the music – because of PPM, or will not become successful with syndication. Does PPM kill locally enjoyed syndicated music? It seems that the local stations have to go with the popular music and dump the local (minority) if they want to syndicate, or they can broadcast only locally and make less money. Am I looking at this right. Can someone give a brief on how this stuff works – I’m confused.


  11. @Tom I did not write any nonsense on your blog until now I am sorry if I follow radio and know the facts. Their “There” you got my point Marky Mary I have a job and I think that you are the loser clown. I like Tigger but do not get mad at me because he is gone but you are too stupid to call CBS Radio.

  12. Okay I’m a DMV native. I use to listen to Russ Parr show faithfully when Olivia Fox was on with him. But without Olivia Fox, Russ just became stupid. So I switched to HOT 99.5 because Kane, Sarah & Sammy are F***** hiliarious!!!! I never listened to 95.5 in the morning because Donnie Simpson would put me to sleep. But honestly when Tigger became the morning host I switched back and forth between HOT 99.5 and 95.5
    I’m sad to see Tigger leave because he is a HUGE part of the DMV area and its not just the radio. But I wish him nothing but success. I am going to really miss hearing him on the radio in the mornings and his Twitter Talk!! Good Luck Free!!!

  13. Hey Dough,

    I see you caught your mistake so I won’t point out that you can’t be that big a fan since you do not know what station Kane is on. I do like Kane, Sammy and Sarah for the most part but sometimes they do too much text this or call that about every little thing. I don’t want to always hear from the listeners. I want to hear music. What I like is I like Bruno Mars and Adele songs and they play those. PGC is such a bandwagon station. They played those two artists months after Hot 99.5.

  14. I was trying to figure out this whole ordeal when Danella, Ashy Larry, Raine and now Tigga. I don’t really listen to PGC like that, never have because Donnie Simpson wasn’t really a pick me up on the drive to work. But I started to listen when Tigga was on and I thought that he was doing fine. Then they bought Free on the air, I knew it had to be something in the mix. I can’t believe that all this change has transpired and it is hurting them more then they know. Ratings will not be a big issue if every time you tune in, there is a different host. They also need to play more versatile music too! I am an R&B lover to heart, but I do listen to other artist. When are they going to crack this box we are living in and understand that music is loved by all!!! They really need to get with it if they want to be on top.