Thies: Chairman Brown had broadcast of press conference edited

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The Office of Cable Television is the entity that is responsible for the broadcast of Channel 13, DC’s public access network that broadcasts (and re-shows) various hearings and meetings of the city council. Local political writer Chuck Thies says that, at the behest of Council Chairman Kwame Brown, cameras were turned off during a public press conference, and the tape was edited to remove a question from a WTOP reporter in its online and archived version.

That question’s subject matter had every reason to be embarrassing to Chairman Brown: it had to do with the ethics of the council, something that has created a dark cloud over the body’s current term, due to scandals surrounding members both at-large and from the wards.  According to WAMU, Brown and his deputy Chief of Staff are denying responsibility for the cut, the OCT has said they were just doing what they were told.

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One thought on “Thies: Chairman Brown had broadcast of press conference edited

  1. Why would someone be that ham-handed on this? The level of stupidity involved is just mind boggling! It just gives the story even more legs, while at the same time making you look like an idiot.