Rush Limbaugh wrong, crass about DC Councilwoman

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courtesy of Lord Jim

If there’s a caricature in the media politics age that we live in, Rush Limbaugh is that clichéd, hackneyed caricature that you just can’t seem to scrub out of the landscape. On yesterday’s broadcast, the target of Rush’s ire was Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh, for her bill from 2010 about humane trapping of wildlife (not vermin, Rush, wildlife.), as well as her supposed authoring of the plastic bag tax bill (sorry Rush, that one is on Councilmember Tommy Wells’ record).  According to DCist’s transcription of the segment, at least Rush did get one thing right:

“This Mary Cheh babe — C-H-E-H — she is the woman behind the D.C. plastic bag tax”

Rush is correct; Councilmember Cheh is, in fact, a stone cold fox. However, as it’s wrong to objectivize women, or refer to them by a slang word for their looks, we would never call a public official that.

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