Trump Takes On Washington – A hotel at least

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courtesy of Mondmann

One of Pennsylvania Avenue’s three most recognizable facades is that of the Old Post Office, located at 12th and Pennsylvania, and sporting DC’s third highest pinnacle at 329 feet. Yesterday, the General Services Administration selected the Trump Hotel Collection to refurbish the historic building and turn it into a 250-room luxury hotel including a fancy spa.

The name that the Trump group will give the hotel is similarly jarring: “Trump International Hotel, Old Post Office, Washington, D.C.” Is it just me, or does that sound like a bad Europhone translation of what we’re seeing here? I know that like a dog in the park, Trump likes to mark his territory, but wouldn’t just calling it the Old Post Hotel be a lot more “Washington” and a lot less “Jesus Christ, That’s Opulent”?

Ah well, it’s going to take a while before the bedraggled food court is ousted, and the new hotel goes in, with construction not beginning for two more years, and a 2016 date is posited for opening.

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2 thoughts on “Trump Takes On Washington – A hotel at least

  1. You know, when you said “Jesus Christ, That’s Opulent,” my first thought was it was a suggested name for the hotel. It certainly sounds Trump-ish.