We Love Music: Sockets Records Showcase at Black Cat

All Photos: Paivi Salonen for We Love DC

Local label Sockets Records put on a showcase at the Black Cat back on January 28th. That makes this recap is terribly overdue – and if I did not so like all the bands and people involved so much, I would just let it go at this point. But I really do.


I love that this label is doing so much to curate a scene and sound that is both pop and accessible, but a creative and experimental brand thereof. One of the bands featured at the showcase, Buildings (just out with a new record, available direct from the label or on iTunes) is on my short list of favorite current DC bands and I was charmed by young band Cigarette who I saw for the first time.

I can only look forward to catching whatever this team puts out next, knowing at this point that I can reliably trust their taste. Anyone looking to tap into what is happening in local music would be well-served to skim through their catalog and attend any future shows bearing the Sockets brand.







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