Don’t Sweat Aircraft Patrols in VA

Photo courtesy of Ack Ook
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courtesy of Ack Ook

Via Jalopnik and the Washington Examiner, Virginia residents don’t need to sweat the dreaded “speeding ticket via plane” in Virginia, mostly because the state doesn’t think it’s worth the $150/hr cost of keeping spotter planes in the air. Instead, they’re just going to keep nabbing you via squad car, and in some parts of the state, speed camera.

I always thought it would be hilarious/awesome to see the Air National Guard field a couple of A-10 Warthogs as speeding spotter aircraft. A few barrages from the Avenger 30mm cannon would pretty much stop all speed limit violation in the entire state.

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One thought on “Don’t Sweat Aircraft Patrols in VA

  1. It doesn’t cost $150/hr to keep a patrolman on the streets?

    Between the salary, the fuel, the car, the weapons, electronics, the emergency operators, the managment overhead, the cost of new police stations and updating training…. its hard to believe its less than $150/hr for a traffic cop.

    What is the police department budget divided by man hours worked?