Possible Space Shuttle Flyby April 17th

Photo courtesy of deg.io
Space Shuttle Endeavour Sunrise
courtesy of deg.io

When NASA released information yesterday about two T-38 jets doing a low flyby over the city of DC, it probably didn’t spark a whole lot of interest. The DC region is often abuzz with low-flying jets for military funerals at Arlington Cemetery or various training missions.

The additional details NASA provided today, however, should cause more than a few ears to perk up. The T-38s were taking photography in preparation for a potential flyby of the National Mall and Capitol by the Space Shuttle Discovery on April 17th. Discovery will be delivered to the Air and Space’s Udvar-Hazy Center on the 17th on the back of a specially-modified Boeing 747.

If all goes as planned, this presents the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity. So mark April 17th on your calendars as a day to bring your cameras to the office and take an extra long lunch if you work downtown, or to just take the day off to enjoy the sight of a true American marvel in the skies over our city.

Addison is a fourth generation Washingtonian, actually born and raised within city limits of DC. He currently resides in Arlington and works in DC as a government lackey. Addison can be reached at addison (at) welovedc.com