Washington Monument from a Helicopter

Washington Monument (201204050005HQ)
Originally uploaded by nasa hq photo

Initially, I was told that NASA wasn’t going to release any of the photos that were taken from their T38 jets that overflew the city on Thursday, but they changed their minds, and this beauty was one they released.

Just gorgeous.

Update: Too good to be true. This was not taken by the T-38 trainers that NASA flew over DC yesterday, it was taken from a Bell Huey UH-1N Helicopter that was carrying NASA photographer Bill Ingalls, who took the photo listed above. Sorry for the confusion. Still kinda want to see those photos from the T-38s, though.

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2 thoughts on “Washington Monument from a Helicopter

  1. This wasn’t taken from a T-38. Bill Ingalls was in a USAF helicopter to take photos of the T-38s. Here’s a shot of it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffgamble/6903180908/ As originally quoted by the NASA Langley Facebook page: “I had a difficult time getting good pix today of NASA’s T-38 jets flying around Washington, but I did get the best view of the Washington Monument that I’ve ever personally witnessed!”

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