Yuri’s Night is tonight!

Photo courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Science on a Sphere / Yuri’s Night at Goddard
courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

51 years ago tonight, not entirely knowing that he’d survive, Yuri Gagarin was strapped to the top of a rocket and went up in a capsule and orbited the Earth, the first man to do it. It was a pretty ballsy thing to do, both for the Russians, and for Gagarin. It changed the course of the space race, and as much as Sputnik kickstarted the rocket industry, Gagarin kickstarted the race to the moon.

That means it’s time to party, and Yuri’s Night in DC means a bunch of great events to celebrate the crazy dream to head outside the atmosphere. There are events at Continental in Rosslyn, Science Club downtown, The Dunes in Columbia Heights, Blue Banana in Petworth and Lucky Bar in Dupont. Events include a Lego spaceship contest at Science Club, space-themed video walls, and DJs at a number of the events.

Saturday, you can celebrate with the big bash at Artisphere, which will have live music, an art exhibition, and space burlesque. Because, really, what kind of awesome space-themed party would it be without Pinkie Special (site may be NSFW) and the Atomic Mosquitos? Don’t miss the art exhibit, 2012: Elevator to the Moon, which has work by Dana Ellyn, Scott Brooks, Todd Gardner, Emily Green Liddle and others, and looks phenomenal.

Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the door, and don’t forget your deely bobbers.

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