Welcome Home, Discovery

747 SCA, Discovery, Washington Monument, and Capitol

photo by Paulo Ordoveza

I was driving up Wilson Boulevard this morning, fairly convinced I’d missed the whole thing, and resigned to check it out on Flickr later today when I looked up and saw Discovery, the SCA, and two T-38s fly over Ballston at low altitude. I nearly drove right into the car in front of me. 

I found myself overcome with emotion at watching this incredible feat of engineering and humanity before my very eyes. Losing the shuttle program may be good for space exploration in the long run, but in this short run it feels very sad to see manned space exploration take a pause. We can do such amazing things when we make it a priority. Here’s hoping we haven’t seen the last of programs like the STS.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Discovery

  1. Hear, hear!

    While I never saw Discovery’s maiden flight, I was there for Columbia and Challenger’s flights (all the way through the Challenger accident). Watching Discovery come to her new home was an emotional event for me as well. Three times over, actually, since those of us who made it out to Udvar-Hazy got to see her in the air three times before settling to Earth.

  2. no more space shit because gsa needs $ for meetings and irs is giving out billions in phoney returns