Bikeshare goes monthly, adds a discounted helmet

Photo courtesy of Tony DeFilippo
courtesy of Tony DeFilippo

With Bike to Work day just a couple weeks out, if you’ve been thinking of joining the cyclist craze in DC, now would be your easy option. Before, your options for joining Bikeshare were a spendy $75 annual membership, or a $25 monthly, or $15 week membership. If you’ve dipped your foot in the biking waters and want to get onboard, but don’t have the ducats to pay up front, there’s a new installment plan for the annual membership that comes out to $7/mo, which is a lot more pleasant on the wallet in the short term. 

Also – for those existing members looking for a reason to re-up, CaBi is making a helmet available for $16 for its renewing and new members through their online store. If your helmet is starting to get long in the tooth, or if you’ve been in a dust-up with it, it’s probably time to replace it.

Biking may seem like something only hipsters on fixies do, but there’s an incredibly vibrant and diverse biking community here in DC, so give it a shot. Bikes don’t need $4/gal gasoline, just a few extra calories off your ass.

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One thought on “Bikeshare goes monthly, adds a discounted helmet

  1. Now for only $7/month I too can run stop signs and red lights with impunity.

    Capital Bikeshare riders are the worst in obeying rules of the road and sadly, I fear, are creating a bit of schadenfreude among other road users when this leads to horrific accidents as happened not too long ago at 11th and U Street when a bicyclist running a red light was hit by a truck.