Rumors swirl and tensions rise at Wilson Building

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The difficulty with Federal Investigations is that they tend to be like wraiths. You can’t see them, you can only hear their effects. While it’s clear that the next shoe is certainly airborne toward the ground in the District, what’s not as clear is the height from where it was dropped and who it will fall on.

The latest scuttlebutt began with WUSA 9’s crack investigative reporter Bruce Johnson, who broke news with a tweet on Monday afternoon:


With a lede like that, you can’t expect other reporters to just sit idly by. With the council in legislative session, it wasn’t as if Brown could hide, and WAMU’s Patrick Madden, the Examiner’s Alan Blinder and WTOP’s Mark Segraves lay in wait to ask the chairman about that reported meeting. Segraves asked Brown about the meeting, and the Chairman wasn’t feeling too talkative, and he ended up shoving Segraves against the wall.

While I might understand the frustration that Brown is feeling, especially in regard to the local media’s dogged pursuit of the constant scandal that has plagued the Wilson building for the last few years, I can’t forgive shoving a local reporter for doing his job.

This isn’t a situation in which Segraves was goading Brown to hit him, like a ballplayer arguing with an umpire to be ejected, this was a journalist doing his job. Brown would give a half-hearted apology to Segraves later: “But let me say this, I told Mark that I apologize if he felt threatened. He came up on me and we’re past that.”

Brown told Loose Lips columnist Alan Suderman that he has no plans to resign.

Best question running right now: Who’s indicted first, Vincent Gray or Kwame Brown?

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