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Photo courtesy of Can Wong
Unexpected Thunderstorm
courtesy of Can Wong

I know we don’t want to keep talking about Friday’s storm, but you’ll have to forgive me with this picture. I mean look at it; isn’t it just amazing? From the ominous blue color of the sky, to the lightning streaks, to the framing of the Capitol Dome; this is damn near perfect. Can Wong must have risked life and limb to get this shot, but it certainly paid off. I tip my cap to you, sir!

Before I got into photography, I always wondered how people caught shots like this. As it turns out, this is equal parts skill and luck. The actual technique is a long exposure; keeping the camera lens open for longer than a fraction of a second of a normal photograph. That way the lightning, which only last a second or two, can snake across the sky and be caught by the camera. The luck comes in with where you point the camera, and whether you have the camera exposing when the lightning strikes. Because as soon as you see the lightning, it’s already to late to get a photo. Sounds simple, but it’s not. That’s why I’m in awe of this one!

BTW: last reminder about the 4th of July Fireworks meetup tomorrow. 6:30pm meet up near the Arlington Cemetery metro stop; read the post for more info.

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  1. Great! Glad to have you. If anything comes up, I’ll send an e-mail. Otherwise, be at the meetup spot at 6:30pm.