Fourth of July Flashback: 2012

Photo courtesy of mosley.brian
2012 – Fourth of July – Party in America
courtesy of mosley.brian

Another hot July 4th with the unfulfilled threat of rain. And as usual, we got through it! Hope everyone had all the grilled food, adult beverages, and what have you to celebrate the Fourth. And if you did or didn’t get a chance to see the fireworks along the Mall, you get a chance to relive them below. Enjoy, and remember only 363 Days until the next July 4th!

Photo courtesy of gerdaindc
AdMo fireworks
courtesy of gerdaindc

Photo courtesy of ianseanlivingston
Washington DC 2012 Fireworks
courtesy of ianseanlivingston

Photo courtesy of rachelmoon
“& the rockets’ red glare”
courtesy of rachelmoon

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fireworks over the crowd
courtesy of ekelly80

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Happy 4th of July!
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July4 2012
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4th of July - 2012 @ White House
4th of July – 2012 @ White House
courtesy of Matthew Straubmuller

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2012 07 04 – 4745 – DC – Fireworks
courtesy of thisisbossi

Photo courtesy of theqspeaks
Happy 236th Birthday, America! #1
courtesy of theqspeaks

Photo courtesy of afagen
courtesy of afagen

Photo courtesy of Tony DeFilippo
Washington Channel Fireworks 2
courtesy of Tony DeFilippo

Photo courtesy of KatieFielding
Fireworks 2012
courtesy of KatieFielding

Photo courtesy of theupper
just watch the fireworks
courtesy of theupper

Photo courtesy of señor sideburns
Twinkle twinkle
courtesy of señor sideburns

Photo courtesy of cruffo
Happy 4th!!!
courtesy of cruffo

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