Saturday is expected to be “Torrid”

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Androids Can Litter
courtesy of Epiclectic

How bad is this heat wave we’re in? The folks who run DC’s text alert system have gone to the Thesaurus to find new words for hot. Last night’s alert read: “NWS has issued an Excessive Heat Watch, effective from Saturday afternoon through Saturday evening. Although tomorrow will once again be very hot, with highs near 100, Saturday is expected to be torrid. Dewpoints are expected to remain the lower 70s all day (i.e. high humidity). That will likely make the high temperatures of 100-103 feel like 115 degrees.”

There’s that word, right there in the second sentence.


I’m going to say that again, because saying it makes me feel mischievous, almost lewd.


My dictionary says that torrid, aside from being a scorching heat, is “full of passionate or highly charged emotions arising from sexual love”.

So, stay cool DC, but mainly because I’m not sure that this town could handle a string of torrid days. The scandal would be too much to take.

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