Heatwave breaks, at last

Plane sinks into DCA Tarmac

Photo by reddit user IvyGold

Saturday’s heat may not have broken the all-time record, but it was only on a technicality that we missed history. The heat did tip over the 106°F mark, but only for a minute or so, which was not long enough for the official weather station to mark that as the high temperature (records require 3 minutes at a given temp).  This morning’s low 70’s temperature as I left the house actually caused me to sigh in relief.

The 11-day stretch at 95°F or above for high temperatures – several of those days above 100°F – was enough to wreak havoc across the area, but no place funnier than at DCA where a plane literally sank into the asphalt it was so hot. The Post has the whole story, which doesn’t mention fluid dynamics, but maybe should.

Look for a few days of some occasional summer thunderstorms, but the mercury shouldn’t get out of the 80s for the next five days. Enjoy it, DC! What are you planning to do this week you couldn’t do last week because of the heat?

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