Uber wants to bring you ice cream

Photo courtesy of Mr. T in DC
fro-zen-yo Hot Fudge Sundae
courtesy of Mr. T in DC

This feels like something that should have happened on April 1st, but instead, it’s happening in the middle of the summer. Purveyors of black car service Uber, whose existence was something of a puzzle to the Council of DC this week, is going to bring you some ice cream if you ask. They’re deploying their service via a few ice cream trucks later this week, according to their blog. $12 gets you 5 ice creams for your friends (said to be Klondikes and King Kones, amongst other frozen treats) charged to your card on file.

Service area will be limited, but defined boundaries are currently not available. Still, this seems to be the sort of thing you might enjoy, dear reader, so get your Uber app out and see if you can summon an ice cream truck this Friday.

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