Game Show this weekend at Artisphere

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Big Bucks no Whammies!
courtesy of bradleyolin

I remember, as a wee little tyke, sneaking out from my bedroom when I was supposed to be napping to watch game shows in the living room. Classics like Password, and Price is Right, and more glitzy glammy ones like Press Your Luck and Hollywood Squares. The games were often just macguffins to put a lot of smart funny people in situations where they could be smart and funny. I didn’t appreciate this at four, but I do now, almost thirty years later.

This Saturday, local podcaster Brandon Wetherbee is putting together a game show with prizes for both contestants and audience members at the Artisphere, with some really smart and funny people, like local comedians Jenn Tisdale and Adam Friedland, and congressional candidate Bruce Majors, as well as a few other local favorites of the You Me Them Everybody podcast crowd.

Tickets are $10, and there’s a solid chance, says Wetherbee, that you’ll walk out with some sweet swag from their sponsors. When we asked Wetherbee why folks should come, he said: “Each guest is talented, charming and probably single. If you’re not single, they’re also not single and in loving relationships. Let’s all be friends. This is how to meet people and turn them into friends. Game shows.”

Thanks for that one, Brandon.

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