A lower fine for traffic cameras?

Photo courtesy of andradeXcobain
Need for Speed
courtesy of andradeXcobain

Councilman (and 2014 Mayoral Hopeful) Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6) has formed a Task Force to look at the fines levied by red light and speed trap cameras and adjust their amounts to make them a safety feature not just a punitive measure and revenue source. I watched recently as a whole line of Maryland out-bound commuters got nailed at the bottom of a hill in my Brookland neighborhood, each flash representing about $100 for the city coffers from cars headed back to the suburbs. Mr. Wells appears to be doing the political calculus on this one, as showing himself to be more car-friendly despite his livable/walkable slogan and reputation as an anti-car crusader, he gains credibility with a large part of the city that still drives and hate the new cameras.

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