Boone from Trusty’s back at work, still needs your help

Photo courtesy of jsprig

courtesy of jsprig

It’s the kind of thing only the best people do: without thought of self, they jump into the fray to help stop a theft. That’s what Trusty’s Full Service bartender Matt Boone did this past May, and for his trouble, he was stabbed multiple times, and had to be airlifted to the hospital. Boone returned to work recently, after months of recovery, but faces a long uphill battle to pay the $55,000+ in medical bills related to the assault. 

Tonight at Capitol Lounge, there will be a fundraiser for Boone, or you can paypal him a thank you at

It’s sad and unfortunate that we live in a world where Boone’s benevolent action is met not with thanks but with a hefty medical bill.  Boone makes DC a better place, DC friends, please give what you can to help him out.

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