Want to make a better DC? Run for ANC.

Photo courtesy of lightboxdc
courtesy of lightboxdc

DC may not get a vote in the House or the Senate, or have fully autonomous control of our own budget, but what we do have is local participation up the ying yang. The ANC level is without question the most approachable elected office of which I’m aware – short of dogcatcher, naturally – and has a fairly large potential to do good in your neighborhood.  The ANCs across the city handle business which includes liquor licenses in neighborhoods, new development, and other issues that are at the heart of any small part of the city.  As an ANC, you’re an unpaid volunteer without a staff, but there is great potential to affect your neighborhood for the positive.

Not sure where your ANC district is? Not sure who’s running? Local civic-minded programmer Keith Ivey has made a website to show who’s running in your part of town.  If no one has picked up petitions yet, you’ve still got 9 days to get yours and get them signed ahead of the deadline.  You only need signatures from 25 registered voters to get on the ballot, which could be accomplished in an hour or two – less if you can line up all your neighborhood friends. 

Get involved. Leave no seat empty.

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