Monday’s Watercooler

It’s Monday again, DC, and if you were out living your life this weekend, you might’ve missed a few highlights, so here’s what you need to know about this weekend:

RG III is Football Jesus, or at least that’s what Redskins fans are saying about his performance Sunday. The rookie’s first start under center was nothing short of a massive success. His 320 yards and 2 TD, coupled with no interceptions, make it the best rookie debut in football.

Your takeaway: He’s the real deal. Don’t say: The Skins are going all the way (at least, not yet)

Union Market opened in the Florida Avenue Market area. The rebuilt marketplace building houses a number of vendors hawking upscale goods, and only one of two of the old vendors were able to come back. Before an October 2011 fire, this was a local neighborhood marketplace with family-run stalls. Now, it’s (lots) more upscale, and while a few old vendors are back, this is a transformation of the market.  On the plus side, A. Litteri has a sandwich stall in the new building, and their subs rival Arlington favorite The Italian Store, and coffee favorite Peregrine Espresso has a stall, too. On the down side, this place could be a bit local conflict object as the vendor choices are generally speaking “stuff white people like.” Still, worth a look.

Your takeaway: interesting and tasty food and foodstuffs in a part of town you might not usually get to. Don’t say: I can’t wait til they do that to the whole area.

Stephen Strasburg is done for the year. And that is either the right decision for the future of the franchise, or the single worst thing that the Nationals could have done. This one’s tough. The club wants to protect their #1 draft pick from 2009, but Strasburg made it clear he’s not in love with how they’re doing it. Pitchers want to pitch, and arguments can be made for both sides.

Your takeaway: Good thing the Nationals have four other starting pitchers that rank in the top 15 in the National League. Don’t say: This is the end of the Nats’ season.

Sunday was the end of outdoor public pool season. And to celebrate, DC DPR held Doggy Swim Day where your canine friends could get a lap in the pool before they closed for the year. There are so many awesome photos of this, I hardy know how to contain myself.

Your takeaway: Dogs are cute when they’re soaked. At least, when they’re soaked in mostly-clean water. Don’t Say: Do they have lifeguards for that?!

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One thought on “Monday’s Watercooler

  1. I think accepting EBT would be a really great place for Union Market to start. Cool space and great vendors, but its good to make sure these conversations are happening.