This makes Dickpunchgate look like a civil transaction

You may remember Dickpunchgate from 2008, wherein a local coffeeshop manager threatened to punch a customer in his dick, but our friends at We Love Beantown have one-upped it with a frightening display of bad behavior on behalf of Pigalle in Boston, which ends with someone with access to their social media account telling a patron with a (snippy) complaint about bad pie on Thanskgiving to go fuck themselves.

The quick descent from “call me” to “judging by how fat your face looks, you most likely shouldn’t be eating anymore desserts anyway,” seems to indicate that the usual social media person may have been cut out of the loop in favor of someone a little more personally involved in the restaurant.

While restaurants are the sites of some bad behavior by the hyper-invested, behavior like whomever at Pigalle did that just isn’t acceptable, unfortunately, it’s far from a rare occasion.

I’m thinking here of some Mike Isabella’s twitter combat with Tom Sietsema, or Gillian Clark’s YouTube channel, or the “diner agreement” at Rogue 24, or Daniel O’Brien’s recent blog comments freakout, or the local hyper-aggressive PR maven who only represents out of town clients because her behavior is so bad inside the beltway… and none seem to compare with what happened after Thanksgiving in Boston at Pigalle. 

For that, we can be thankful.

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