We Love Music: Sky Ferreira @ DC9 — 11/30/12

Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira, she of slight frame and smoldering voice, took to stage backed by a three-piece band at DC9 Friday night, presenting a short set of occasionally melancholy but consistently wonderful songs.

Her latest EP, Ghost, turns out to be a collection of five wistful songs full of longing and daydreams. Ferreira sang them plaintively but earnestly to a packed room that seemed pretty impressed with the 20-year-old’s range. “Sad Dream” was full of regret for a lost love while “Ghost” consigns another love to the past with a recognition that the relationship must end.

At the other end of the spectrum, “Lost in My Bedroom” is a catchy reprieve, basking in the joy of being tucked away in your own private space.

A couple of times, Ferreira’s bass player switched off to the synthesizer, as with “Lost in My Bedroom,” to a welcome new wave effect. With that, Ferreira went from a bluesy chanteuse to an upbeat siren, echoing contemporaries like Ladyhawke or recalling the early work of Metric. She personalizes the same mix of elements when she closes her set with “Everything Is Embarrassing,” a song about missed opportunities.

Ferreira breezed confidently and easily through her set, demonstrating poise beyond her years. The audience that gathered around the small flat stage at DC9 crowded around her as they filled a 90 degree arc and she was practiced enough to play to all sides rather than performing from a fixed point. Ferreira put herself into her songs, dropping to her knees and singing her finale from the floor in an emotive pose that speaks the song with her whole body and not just words.

Ferreira won over the crowded room

All said, Ferreira was quite a “get” for Liberation Dance Party, Bill Spieler’s indie disco parlor. On a typical week, LDP, as we fondly call it, presents six hours or so of videos heavy on new wave, Britpop, glam, electronica, house, hip hop, and related genres. But it really shines under the direction of its curator when the performers leap out of the their three-minute videos and into 30-minute concerts on the LDP stage and demonstrate their chops. This show was a win-win all around.

Sky Ferreira doesn’t have any tour dates coming up at the moment, but she will surely return when her first full-length album drops early next year. Liberation Dance Party, meanwhile, is at DC9 on every Friday of every week, so drop by and give your ears a treat sometime while watching all of the best new videos (at least until the next band comes along)!

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