Presidential Flashback: Obama’s First Inauguration

Obama Inauguration - 1-20-09Obama Inauguration – 1-20-09
courtesy of mosley.brian

Yesterday, Tom took care of explaining what everyone needs to know before going down to see the Inauguration and the accompanying Parade. Today is showing you where all that knowledge came from.

To think, it has been four years since the big inauguration in 2009. When I say big, I’m talking size here: estimates were as high as 1.8 million. If you forgot about it, this is what it looked like from space. And this is the sight that so flustered Chief Justice Roberts, he forgot his lines.

I know not everyone is happy with how the election turned out, so I will not be beating any partisan drums here. But I will say that everyone should take a moment and hear President Obama’s address. For no other reason then it should be the duty of every American to at least listen to the President at important speeches (I would add the State of the Union to this category). With the way the country has been the past number of years, it is important at these types of events to remove labels that separate us and just be Americans. Even if it’s only for a few minutes or hours. Celebrate our true national religion today: Government By the People and For the People (as another man from Illinois once put it).

So, without further ado, here are some flashback photos to Obama’s First Inauguration. Enjoy!


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